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The Associated Builders and Contractors Southern California Apprenticeship and Craft Training Programs are currently training more than 1300 local workers for electrical, sheet metal, low voltage, and plumbing jobs. These jobs not only pay well, but they are also in high demand and will be for a long time. ABC apprentices receive top of the line training and education, all while getting paid an actual salary to learn their trade. No loans. No student debt. Just training, real-world skills, and opportunity. We are excited to announce that we are building our third state-of-the-art Southern California training facility, so we can bring even greater opportunities to residents across Southern California.

Sean Austin

Jose Bautista

Ferdinand Manuel

Joy Gonzalez


At Associated Builders and Contractors, we believe in building people through the merit shop philosophy: that projects and personal advancement should be awarded based on performance, skill and achievement. ABC has been setting the standard for safety, quality and integrity in the construction industry since 1950.

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Workers Needed

Despite the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,
the industry still needs additional construction
workers going forward.

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Let your local elected officials know you support the Apprenticeship Advantage!

I support your effort to bring good paying jobs to our community.

However, the community workforce agreement currently under consideration by the Riverside Unified School District will unfairly discriminate against merit shop apprentices by freezing them out of local jobs and opportunities.

Please do not unnecessarily shut out local workers from good-paying jobs. The apprenticeship advantage is real and everyone deserves a chance to participate, regardless of union membership.

I urge you to oppose this discriminatory community workforce agreement.

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